BC Women’s Hospital

BC Women’s Hospital is part of the Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of BC. The complex is located on Oak Street, between 28th Ave and 32nd Ave. Please check out this site map. Getting to where you need to go at BC Women’s can be a bit confusing. Hopefully, the following directions will be useful to you.

When you are coming in to the hospital in labour, for a planned C-Section or version (ECV), or to be assessed for any other emergency situation during your pregnancy or in the six weeks after your delivery, you will come in through the entrance labelled "ADMITTING". If you are driving, the best way to get there is from Oak St., through Gate 1 (see site map link above). After going through the gate,  you will be turning right and following the road to the first entrance, which is "ADMITTING". If you turn left immediately after entering the building, you will reach our Assessment Room, which is essentially our small ER. This is where you will be checked-in and assessed. If you require admission, you will then be triaged to our main Labour and Delivery area, the Single Room Matenity Centre (also known as Cedar/Holly), the Operating Room, or the Antepartum/Postpartum Unit, depending on your needs.

Click here for a Virtual Prenatal Tour of BC Women’s Hospital. This is an excellent video that takes you through all the steps you will go through when you have your baby at BC Women’s.

PLEASE NOTE:  To register for delivery at BC Women’s Hospital, you must live in Vancouver proper and be able to provide proof of residence.  Exceptions to this rule include patients who have previously delivered at BC Women’s, patients who are high-risk and require tertiary-level maternity care, and those who are existing gynaecologic patients of ours.

If you are coming to the hospital for an elective procedure, such as an ultrasound, amniocentesis or fetal assessment (also known as a non-stress test or NST), or if you have an appointment at one of the ambulatory clinics (eg. Diabetes, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Internal Medicine), you will come in through the entrance labelled "MAIN ENTRANCE". From Oak St., after going through Gate 1, you turn right and follow the road to the second entrance, which is the "MAIN ENTRANCE". From the lobby, you will gain access to the Ultrasound Department and Ambulatory Clinics.