Obstetrical Referrals

We accept both low-risk and high-risk patients for complete prenatal and delivery care.  Deliveries take place at BC Women’s Hospital (except for Dr. Lalani’s patients who deliver at Burnaby General Hospital).  Please note that patients must have a Vancouver address to be registered for delivery at BC Women’s.  Exceptions include patients who have previously delivered at BCWH, pre-existing Cross Roads OB/GYN patients, and patients whose pregnancies are high-risk and cannot deliver at their local hospital.

We also accept referrals from primary care physicians and midwives for obstetrical consultation for specific issues.  Shared prenatal visits with the primary care provider can be arranged in appropriate situations.  

We appreciate you sending the BC Antenatal Record forms (Part 1 and 2) if these have been completed.  It is also beneficial if you can arrange for your patient to have her routine Prenatal Bloodwork (CBC, group and screen, rubella titre, HBsAg, HIV serology, RPR, and TSH) and urine culture done before her first appointment here. 

Please note that major changes to the screening options for Down Syndrome, Trisomy 18 and Open Neural Tube Defects occurred on February 16, 2009.  Please consult the full guideline for details, or visit the BC Prenatal Genetic Screening Program website.  In summary:

– The Triple Marker Screen (done at 15w0d-20w6d) has been improved to the Quadruple Marker Screen (done within the same time frame).  This test is mainly for women who present late to care and cannot have the SIPS (see below).

– All pregnant women are now eligible for the Serum Integrated Prenatal Screen (SIPS), consisting of two sets of blood tests done at 10w0d-13w6d and 15w0d-20w6d.

– Women of age 35 or greater at delivery (and other special cases) are eligible for the Integrated Prenatal Screen (IPS), which consists of the same two blood tests as the SIPS plus Nuchal Translucency (NT) ultrasound, which is done at 10w0d-13w6d.  There is limited availability for NT ultrasound, and a last-minute booking may not be possible.  For this reason, it is very helpful if you can book this test for your patient before their appointment at Cross Roads OB/GYN.  

– The other major change is that amnio for Advanced Maternal Age (AMA) is now only offered to women who will be 40 years old or greater at delivery (35 years old for twins).

If you are not familiar with all of the screening options and would like us to address prenatal screening with your patient, you must refer her early.  Otherwise, she may miss out on some of her options.